Aluminium Doors

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High standard, stylish, secure, top of the range Aluminium Doors providing you and your home with the look you desire.

Our Aluminium Doors are the perfect replacement or addition to any home or space. Providing you with great quality and results, for years to come.

Aluminium Doors

The Alitherm Plus residential door takes its place alongside the Alitherm 47 Door, giving the option of a robust performance, domestic entrance door and an alternative to the Visoline light commercial door.
Fabricator & Fitter friendly; the new Alitherm Plus door is designed to be easier to manufacture and install. New adjustable hinges, lock keeps and additional sash passing clearance allow for greater on-site fitting tolerances.


Available in many styles, and ranges, our aluminium doors could be the ideal solution for you and your home.

Aluminium doors are a popular choice providing a stylish, modern and lightweight solution for residential and commercial applications. They are available in many styles, including flush, french, and sliding designs. Aluminium doors are strong and durable, offering superior resistance to rust and corrosion, whilst providing excellent insulation. As they are naturally corrosion resistant, they don't require much maintenance and can last for decades with minimal upkeep. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal to any building exterior, they also provide added security against potential intruders. All in all, aluminium doors offer homeowners a great balance of style, security and energy efficiency that make them one of the top choices on the market today. They have a number of qualities such as:

  • Single & double doors use multipoint locking mechanisms
  • Double doors feature dual lock mechanisms, enabling handles on both sashes
  • Internally beaded for open-in and open-out doors

Aluminium is low maintenance compared to other materials such as wood or steel, so cleaning is minimal – simply wipe with a damp cloth or mild detergent when necessary. This makes it the perfect choice for busy households or businesses where security is paramount but time is short. Aluminium doors also provide enhanced security features such as multi-bolt locking systems, reinforced frames and anti-jemmy bars – perfect for added peace of mind when you’re away from home or work. With all these benefits combined, aluminium door installations are sure to last for years without requiring costly repairs or replacements.


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