Fascias & Soffits

By Abbey Windows & Doors

Ready to install, clean, hassle-free installation with no dust or mess.


All the colours offered across our entire roofing accessories range match perfectly, and we have 8 different colours and finishes to choose from. All our whites are the same across all products, and our wood grain is perfectly matched. Our fascia boards are made from 18mm thick high quality UPVC. That means they are strong and weather-proof, the ideal long-term protection for your roof.
Fascia boards play a vital role in every home. UPVC fascia boards are robust, low maintenance, weather resistant and come in a range of colours that match the style of your property.

All of our roofline systems are supplied by the same manufacturer, which means all colours and wood grain finishes are exactly matched across the product range.

With no sanding, painting or treatment needed, our fascia boards are ready to install with no dust or mess.

  • Low maintenance - product will not crack or warp and require little maintenance
  • No sanding, painting or treatment needed
  • Ready to install, clean, hassle-free installation with no dust or mess



Frame and enhance the outline of any property with a simple, yet highly effective soffit board. Available in a range of low maintenance styles to suit any property, UPVC soffit boards have been designed to complement our fascias to provide an integrated high-value roofline solution. Flexible and robust, the three main options are the standard utility board, vented soffit or the lightweight hollow soffit. All can be colour-matched with our other UPVC products in order to achieve a uniformed look across the entire building.
Fully compatible with our UPVC fascias and capping boards for a rapid, high-quality roofline installation. Soffit boards come with built-in ventilation slots to maximise ventilation and prevent damp and rot forming. 9mm utility soffit board provides simple clean look, while hollow soffit board offers a lightweight cost-effective solution.

Colour-matching across all fascias, soffit, guttering and our other UPVC products. Available in eight widths from 150mm to 450mm.
British Board of Agrément (BBA) accredited.

All our roofline systems are supplied by the same manufacturer which means all colours are exactly matched across the product range. That means our whites are the same white across all products and our wood grain finishes are all perfectly matched.

  • Low maintenance
  • Flexible and robust
  • 20 year guarantee against discolouration, warping and cracking



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