UPVC Doors

By Abbey Windows & Doors

High standard, stylish, secure, top of the range UPVC Doors providing you and your home with the look you desire.

Our UPVC Doors are the perfect replacement or addition to any home or space. Providing you with great quality and results, for years to come.

UPVC Doors

Our beautifully designed, superbly engineered PVC-U doors come in a wide range of styles, from resilient PVC-U front doors to elegant French windows.
Each delivers incomparable draught-proofing and security for tranquility, peace of mind and comfort – with no compromise on appearance.


Available in many styles, and ranges, our composite doors could be the ideal solution for you and your home.

UPVC (Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride) doors are an increasingly popular choice for exterior doors due to their combination of strength, durability, and low-maintenance requirements. UPVC doors are made of tough, weatherproof material that is resistant to rust and corrosion and require only minimal upkeep. Unlike other types of doors, such as wooden or metal, UPVC doors don't need to be painted or varnished on a regular basis; dirt can simply be wiped away with mild detergent and water. Additionally, UPVC doors offer excellent insulation against the elements and are highly energy efficient—two factors which can help save money on heating bills over time. They also provide superior levels of security when compared to other door types; reinforced locking systems ensure that they remain well-protected from attempted burglaries. In addition to these benefits, UPVC doors come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors which makes them ideal for both residential and commercial buildings alike. UPVC doors have a number of qualities such as:

  • Exceptional quality as standard – frames that deliver optimised security
  • Glazing styles to suit every house
  • A wide choice of colours and woodgrain finishes

UPVC doors offer long-term security as well as thermal efficiency benefits whilst requiring very little effort to maintain them. Their affordability combined with modern aesthetics make them one of the best options when considering new exterior fittings for a home.


All of our windows and doors installations come with a finance option to help you get the best fittings available for your property.
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