UPVC Windows

By Abbey Windows & Doors

Whilst being the most popular, practical and versatile solution for replacement windows, you can also choose to have restricted hinge openings to keep the children safe. ‘Easy-clean’ openings on casement windows come as standard on all side opening windows.

UPVC Windows

UPVC windows are incredibly durable and energy efficient windows that are quickly becoming extremely popular all over the world. These versatile windows are made from a combination of rigid and flexible PVC, a synthetic polymer that is strong, corrosion-resistant and thermally insulating.

  • Boast excellent energy efficiency ratings, helping to keep interior temperatures even and comfortable,
  • Minimise the need for artificial heating or cooling systems
  • Reduce heat loss and prevent warm air from escaping a home in winter
  • Absorb less heat than other window materials and help to keep the interior cool without relying on air conditioning
  • Multi-chamber construction helps to reduce sound penetration


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These high-quality windows come in a wide range of different styles, such as tilt-and-turn, pivot & reversible. They also come in a variety of attractive colours that can make any home look more stylish instantly. In addition to providing excellent insulation properties, UPVC windows also offer great soundproofing making them ideal for apartments or buildings in noisy areas. On top of this they are very secure compared to other types of window frames meaning you can rest assured knowing your property is safe and secure while benefiting from reduced energy bills. With so many amazing benefits it’s easy to see why UPVC windows are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners today!

  • Will not corrode or rust when exposed to extreme weather elements
  • Longer lifespan with fewer maintenance needs over time
  • The insulation provided by UPVC windows helps protect against condensation in cold weather
  • feature tight seals that provide superior protection against drafts


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