Solidor Doors

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High standard, stylish, secure, top of the range solidor doors providing you and your home with the look you desire.

Our solidor doors are the perfect replacement or addition to any home or space. Providing you with great quality and results, for years to come.

Solidor Doors

Solidor doors are an attractive and secure choice for anyone looking to upgrade their entranceway. With a blend of high performance insulated cores and timber engineered construction, these doors provide superior strength, security and thermal efficiency. Plus, with a range of finishes and colours available you will be sure to find your perfect door. Their versatility makes them not only a great addition from an aesthetical point of view but also from functional one as they can suit many different settings such as contemporary or traditional homes. With excellent weatherproofing properties, Solidor doors are sure to both look good and perform well over time.

Modern bedroom with hardwood floor and ceiling
Modern bedroom with hardwood floor and ceiling

Available in many styles, and ranges, our Solidor Doors could be the ideal solution for you and your home.

Solidor doors are a modern and stylish choice for any home. They combine the security of a composite door with the classic character of timber ones, providing a sturdy and beautiful entrance to your home. Solidor doors are made from laminated premium grade components which are 12 times stronger than a traditional timber door - so they can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them! These doors provide:

  • Exceptionally durable and secure
  • Offer both aesthetic appeal and functionality
  • Multi chamber profile providing improved energy efficiency

In addition, many Solidor doors boast a variety of customisable design features such as decorative glazing or stylish hardware handles that can help to give your home entrance a truly personalised touch. It's no wonder this distinctive style of door is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for modern households.


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