Sliding Doors

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High standard, stylish, secure, top of the range sliding doors providing you and your home with the look you desire.

Our sliding doors are the perfect replacement or addition to any home or space. Providing you with great quality and results, for years to come.

Sliding Doors

Visoglide Plus offers the same contemporary styling and robust performance associated with the system whilst delivering superior thermal performance. These doors offer inline sliding, or lift and slide choice with a slim interlock option. They are British Standard Kitemarked and have colour matches accessories so will suit everyone's style.


Available in many styles, and ranges, our Sliding Doors could be the ideal solution for you and your home.

Sliding doors are an innovative type of door that slide along a track or guide to open or close. This type of door offers a variety of benefits when compared to traditional hinged doors, including improved access and space efficiency, increased security, and a sleek, modern look. Typically, sliding doors are constructed with two panels mounted onto a track. The panels can be shifted horizontally with the help of rollers located on the bottom so that one panel slides in front of the other. This allows for easy entry and exit from the room without having to swing the door open and shut as one must do with a regular hinged door. In addition, since only one panel needs to be opened at a time, it allows more space inside the room than if there were two regular hinged doors. Sliding doors have many qualities such as:

  • Open up living spaces
  • Provide better insulation than hinged doors
  • Blend in seamlessly with any home decor

Furthermore, sliding doors tend to offer more security than your traditional hinged door since they often come with locks that secure both panels together when closed. Additionally, many sliding doors feature double-glazing which provides additional insulation against sound and climate changes — this is especially useful in areas where noise is an issue. Moreover, these doors add an aesthetically pleasing touch to any home due to their streamlined design which adds an element of sophistication while simultaneously providing improved functionality and convenience.


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